The Association of regional investment agencies is a membership-based non-profit organization based on the voluntary union of legal entities to coordinate their activities, represent and protect common interests, including professional ones, to achieve socially useful purposes and any other lawful and non-commercial purposes as specified in the articles of the Association.


The Association mission is to coordinate activities of its members aimed at attraction of the Russian and foreign investments to the Russian economy, export development, retention and expansion of external markets, and also to represent and protect common interests of its members, including professional ones, and to promote the creation of a civilized market in Russia, specified in the field of public relations and communications.


Bodies of the Association are:

  • The Supreme managing body – the General Assembly of the members of the Association
  • The sole Executive body of the Association – the President
  • Permanent collegial Executive body – the Supervisory Board
  • Advisory-consultative body of the Association – the Executive Committee


1. Coordination of its members’ activities:

  • on organizing interaction with the regional investment agencies of Russia on gathering information about organizations and individual entrepreneurs, who have been realizing investment projects or only planning to realize them;
  • on creating the pattern of interaction with Russian and foreign investment agencies and investors;
  • on providing investors with organizational support;
  • on preparation and management of investment projects;
  • during investment projects implementation;
  • on attracting various financial institutions to provide crediting for investment projects;
  • on development of recommendations and suggestions concerning improvement of legislation of the Russian Federation in the sphere of investment projects realization;
  • on interaction with regional administrations and regional development institutions on their activities;
  • on receiving necessary materials from the federal and regional executive bodies on the issues referring to the functions of the Association in accordance with the established procedure.

2. Assisting members of the Association in providing investors with the information about:

  • the investment potential and investment opportunities in Russia as a whole and its regions in particular;
  • approved governmental support programs for investors, including information about conditions of participation in them (tax breaks, subsidies, etc.);
  • the priority sectors of the Russian economy to invest, investment considerations in each sector and region;
  • the provisions of the Russian legislation in the sphere of investment activity;
  • potential sources of co-investment and financing in Russia;
  • the experience of implementing investment projects.

3.Consulting Russian and foreign investors on investing in Russia, as well as consulting Russian companies and authorities on investments’ attraction.

4. Coordination of the activities of the Association members that relate to the development of investment infrastructure in Russia.