Members of the Association shall be the federal and regional institutions for development, investment and exports’ promotion, as well as other legal entities interested in joint achievement of the Association goals.

Members of the Association are its founders, as well as legal entities who joined the Association after its state registration.

The system of admitting new members:

The Supervisory Board of the Association shall take decision on admitting a new member upon recommendation of the Executive Committee, in the established procedures of the Articles of the Association. The request should be presented in the written form and submitted to the Head of the Executive Committee with the following documents attached:

  1. the request of a legal entity with intention to become a member of the Association certified by the stamp and signature of the authorized person;
  2. a copy of the state registration certificate;
  3. a copy of the articles of the legal entity;
  4. a copy of tax registration certificate.

Having received the request, the Head of the Executive Committee takes the decision on necessity of discussion the issue of new member admission by the Supervisory Board.

The decision shall be taken not later than within 3 (three) months starting from the moment of receiving a request of a potential member by the Executive Committee of the Association.

The Candidate is considered to be admitted as a member of the Association starting from the moment of taking the corresponding decision by the Supervisory Board and membership fees payment defined by the corresponding document of the Association (The Regulation).

The procedure of resignation and exclusion of members of the Association:

The Member of the Association shall have the right to resign at any time as per his consideration.

Resignation procedure shall be completed by admitting the corresponding request in the written form addressed to the President of the Association. The President of the Association is entitled to consider the request within 2 (two) weeks since receiving it and to inform other members of the Association about Member resignation.

The Member of the Association shall be excluded from membership in the organization as per decision of the Advisory Board upon recommendation of the President or the Executive Committee in the following cases:

  • Actions contradicting to the objectives of the Association;
  • non-compliance with the requirements of Federal laws, other normative legal acts of the Russian Federation, as well as provisions of the articles of Association and other internal documents of the Association;
  • failure of membership fees payment duty set by the General Assembly of the Association members, within three months from the expiry of the payment deadline specified in the respective inner documents of the Association (the “Regulation”);

for other violations of the current articles, and if his activity contradicts to the objectives of the Association and leads to the discrediting of the Association in general, or one or more of its members in particular. The Member shall be considered excluded from the Association since the adoption of the decision by the Supervisory Board about his exclusion.

Amounts, terms and conditions of payment of membership fees:

The following kinds of fees are established in the Association:

-regular membership fees;

-lump sum target contributions;

-voluntary property contributions and donations.

Regular membership fees

Regular membership fees shall be paid by the Association members each year before January 20th, and are equal to 100 000 (one hundred thousand) rubles. Each year without notice on payment, the members shall pay regular membership fees, according to the requisites of the Association for such payments provided for the members, when they joined the Association.

When joining the Association, a new member shall pay the first regular membership fee by transferring funds to the account of the Association within one month from the date of the meeting of the Supervisory Board, which adopted the decision to accept a new member into the Association.

In case of any changes in the regular membership fees amount, the Association members shall be notified of the relevant decision of the Supervisory Board by a statement from its protocol sent via post, Fax and/or e-mail. Along with that, on demand of a member of the Association, the original statement shall be delivered in person to the representative of the Association member or sent to him as a registered letter. Information about the changes of the regular membership fees may be posted on the official website of the Association.

In case of termination of membership in the Association, paid regular membership fees shall not be refunded.

Lump sum target contributions

Lump sum target contributions of the Association members shall be paid as per decisions of the Supervisory Board and in the order established by such decisions, in monetary form. Lump sum target contributions are used by the Association to finance specific activities or programs that were not included in the budget of Association. Lump sum target contributions amounts shall be defined by the Supervisory Board.

Voluntary property contributions and donations

The Association member or any other person on his own shall take the decision on voluntary property contributions to the Association and the terms.

The person, that decided to make voluntary property contributions to the Association, shall inform about it the Association, sending the corresponding notification addressed to the President of the Association specifying the amount of the contribution and its terms.

Voluntary contributions shall be used by the Association for the objectives defined by the articles in accordance with the purpose of the transferred property.