His goal is to help the Altai entrepreneurs in finding contractors willing to supply raw materials and to carry out sales of finished products via specially created web portal.

The idea of subcontracting and business cooperation originated in late 2014. The aim of the project is creation of conditions for development and partnerships between the representatives of small, medium and large businesses of the regional center of Barnaul. The initiative was supported by the city authorities. As a part of the preliminary works on the project, company “BAIPASS” carried out market researches, meetings with consultants, and a survey of more than 30 heads of big industrial enterprises of Barnaul.

In March 2015, the company’s management at the Coordinating Council of entrepreneurs and the Board of Directors of Barnaul presented the project of creating subcontracting and business cooperation Center, where it was approved by the experts. According to the developer of the portal and the head of the Center Gregory Martynkevich, the largest portion the queries received by the center today – queries of small enterprises, which is predictable phenomenon.

Small business is mobile, motivated and uses all opportunities to increase profits or to reduce its costs, notes Gregory Martynkevich, explaining that the Centre’s staff also provide advice to entrepreneurs seeking on many additional issues, including recruitment, interaction with public authorities, etc. It is not surprising to find out fast interaction with him established. Activity of entrepreneurs at the provision of advice, in my opinion, is a positive phenomenon. Even though it is not our direct work, but we always try to provide full information or to connect with the proper person, and in the future, we may continue to enlarge the functions of the portal by implementing specialized solutions towards raising awareness of entrepreneurs.

Source: Altai Centre for Investment and Development